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Cargo 810

Roof Box

Cargo 810

- 330 litres Volume
- Easy-Fit
- straps

Product description

Easy-Fit Mounting

Quick and tool-free mounting with the patented quick fastening system

Dynamic Opening System

Innovative, safe and comfortable


Atera Formula boxes are supplied completely with straps

Easy-Fit Mounting

Quick and tool-free mounting due to patented System.

1. put the box on the roof
2. adjust the distance of the bars with the variable sliders
3. Insert bracket from below and close Easy-Fit fastener- a half turn is sufficient

Easy-Fit is compatible to steel- and aluminium crossbars

Dynamic opening syste

Innovative, safe and comfortable. The new spring mechanism supports the opening and closing of the Atera Cargo.


Atera Formula boxes are supplied completely with straps, so your luggage can be safely secured.

All Atera Forormula boxes are checked by TÜV and have a guarantee period of 5 years.

City-Crash tested.

City crash tested

City-Crash-, stability-, shake-, water-and wind channel -tested-if a product endures tests like these, besides TÜV approval there is one additional characteristic: QUALITY
- due to the lowered bottom we created more space
- elegant continuation of the vehicle design
- remarkable wind channel values

Additional parts

Comfort Fitting
Part No. 082 193

The special attachment for
simple fitting on alu cross bars
and theft protection.
Roof Box Lift
Part No. 082 195

Ideal to stow away the
roof box, e.g. in a garage.
Simple mounting.

Technical data

Cargo 810

Art.Nr. 082 270
Color Anthrazit

Material ABS / ASA

Weight (kg) 12 kg

max. loading (kg) 75 kg
Volume 330 Litres

Opening rear

Dimensions 142x82x42 cm

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