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Atera Strada Vario 3



  • 10 Seconds - fast assembly
    1,14 Meter - compact new design
  • 0 Effort - by an innovative roll/pull mechanism
    100 % - loading comfort
  • 66 KG max. load
  • 19,9 KG
  • E-Bike suitable

Product description



Due to the roll / pull mechanism, access to the boot is comfortable in loaded and unloaded condition. As simple as using a drawer. The tailgate can be opened easily-even with vans.

Wheel Protection


The Atera wheel holders are deliberately formed like wheel-chocks in order to eliminate the enormous lateral, drag and shear loads.
Thus the wheels are protected against any damage - a small detail with a big effect.

Fame Protection

I he ratched system itself ist equippmend with an overload protection.I he desired tension is reached by using the ratchet- when the tension exceeds the desired level, the ratchet band automatically jumps to the next tooth.

The optimal tension remains and is secured when the ratchet lever is locked.

Distinctive clear-glass

The highlight for your safety are the distinctive clear-glass look rear lights.

Handy design

The ergonomical aluminium handle secures your Strada Vario quickly and easily at the tow boot.

Carrying Bag vor Vario 2

Black tear resisant polyester with two short carrying handles & zip.

Item No. 022 761

Technical data

Strada Vario -3
Part.No. 022 751
Max. number of bicycles
Measures in mm
1140 X 730 X 690
Weight (kg) 19,9
max. loading (kg) 66
Compatible to bike sizes
For frame diameters (mm) 25-80
Wheel sizes
18 - 29
Bicycle: anti theft protection
Carrier: anti theft protection yes
Lightning system
integrated with light protection
Plug connection
Material basic carrier
steel / aluminium
Bike rail distance
190 mm
Permission for tow bar
Guarantee 3 years
Loading examples
3 bicycles

The Atera Strada has got the “Euro Type Approval”.
Loaded with 2 bicycles the tow bar load must be at least 50 kg, loaded with 3 bicycles at least 60 kg.

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