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Copyright and Lableright
The author is anxious, to consider the copyrights in any publications, the used graphics, tone documents, video sequences and texts, to use grafics, tone documents, video sequences and texts made by himself or to revert to graphics, tone documents, video sequences and texts which are license free. All within the InterNet-offer mentioned and if necessary protected by third parties registred trade marks are absolutely subject to the conditions of the in each case valid lable rights and the possesion rights of the registered owner. Only by bare mention not to educe, that trade marks are not protected by the rights of any third parties! The copyright for the published objects created by the author remains only with the author of this pages. A duplication or a use of such graphics, tone documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications, is not permitted without express agreement of the author.

Products and Prices
After press-deadline of single pages there could be changes concerning products and service. Changes of supply and service on part of the manufacturer are reserved during the project phase, as far as the changes and deviations considering the interests of the Atera GmbH are reasonable for the customer. Colour deviations are technically conditioned. Statements about lawful and fiscal specifications and effects have validity only for the Federal Republic of Germany. Subject to different rules relating to terms of delivery and sales, the prices which are valid on the day of the supply, count. All offers are not-binding and noncommittal.

License Right
The Atera GmbH would like to offer an innovative and informative InterNet program to you. We hope, you enjoy the creative presantation as much as we do. Nevertheless we hope you understand, that the Atera GmbH has to protect it´s literary property, including patents, brands and copy rights, and these InterNet pages can not afford any license rights at the literary property of Atera GmbH.

Contents of the Online Offer
The author takes over no guarantee for the actuality, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided information. Liability claims against the author, which allude to damages of material or ideational kind, which are caused by using or non-using the offered information, respectively. by using incorrect information or information which is not complete, basically are excluded, as far as there is no grossly negligent being to blame for. The author expressly reserves the right to modifiy or to complete parts of the pages or the whole offer, or to stop publishing without prior notice.

In the future directed statements
Many InterNet pages contain in the future directed statements, based on the convictions of the Atera GmbH management. By using words like "expect", "estimate", "to bargain for something", "to aim" and"to plan" on these InterNet pages we purpose to identify in the future directed statements. Such statements express the view of the Atera GmbH with regard to future events and are subject to risks and insecurities. Many influences can lead to the fact that the actual results deviate substantially from the estimates given here. To such influences belong, apart from other changes in the general economic and business basic conditions, changes in rates of exchange and level of interest rates, introduction of competitor products, insufficient acceptance of new products and services and changes in the enterprise strategy.The Atera GmbH disclaimes any intention or duty, to update these in the future directed statements.

Informations and details on these pages do not represent any warranty or assurance, no matter if expressly or tacitly. Particularly they do not represent any tacitly concent or warranty concerning the quality, the negotiability, suitablility for certain intentions or the non-offence against laws and patents.

Data protection
Provided that within the InterNet offer there is the possibility for input of personal- or business data (email adresses, names, adresses), the revelation of these data occurs on the part of the user on expressly voluntary base. The demand and payment of any offered services is – so far technically possibly and reasonably – also permitted without telling such data respectively by using anonymous data or a pseudonym. The use of contact data within the imprint or comparable published data, like mail addresses, phone- and fax numbers as well as email addresses, by third parties for the sending of not expressly requested information, permission is not given. Juridical steps against the sender of so-called spam-mails, if offend to this interdiction, are expressly reserved.

References and Links
On our web page you also find links to other web pages. We would like to point out that we do not have a stake in the design and contents of this web pages you visit. So we cannot take over any warranty for topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided there. Before this background we dissociate ourselves hereby from all contents of these sides. This explanation applies to all links to external sides and their contents that you find on our InterNet pages.

Legal effect of this references
These legal references are to be considered as a part of the InterNet offer, which was referreded at. In case text parts or single formulations do not, not completely or do not correspond any longer to the valid legal situation, the remaining parts of the documents stay unaffected in their contents and their validity.

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