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The Atera GmbH, following mentioned Atera, is responsible as contents offerers after § 7 „German Broadcast Media Act“ for »own contents«, which it holds ready for use. Although all contents are carefully examined and constantly updated, a warranty for the completeness, correctness and last topicality cannot be taken over. Atera is not liable for damages, which are associated to the use of these contents.

Cross references to other offerers´contents are to be differentiated from the own contents. By the cross references Atera inasmuch holds ready the use of »strange contents«, which are characterized in this way. By the cross reference Atera arranges the entrance to the use of these contents (§ 8 "German Broadcast Media Act"). Atera is not responsible for that „strange contents”, because Atera has not arranged the transmission of the information, and has not choosen the adressee of the transmitted data as well as it has not choosen or changed the transmitted information. Also an automatic momentary intermediate storage of this „strange information” does not take place because of the choosen retrieve- and linking methodology via Atera, so thereby no responsibility of Atera for the “ strange contents” does arise.

However »links« are references to the »living« (dynamic) web presence of third parties. During the first-time linking, Atera has examined if the „strange contents“cause any civil-law or penal responsibility. Atera is not obliged to check the contents , Atera reprehended to on the web side, constantly for changes, which could found responsibility new. Only if Atera ascertains or is told by others, that a concrete offer to which a link was provided releases a civil law or criminal responsibility, Atera will cancel the reference to this offer, as far as it is technically possible and reasonable. The technical possibility and reasonability will not be influenced thereby, that after preventing the access of the Atera homepage, the unlawful or punishable offer can be accessed from other servers.
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